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Education is the foundation on which progress is made.


Health underlies every facet of our civic life.

Quality of Place

Quality of place defines the very soul of a successful community.


A vibrant workforce and job market create greater opportunities.

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We Measure & Connect

The Greater Louisville Project benchmarks Louisville’s performance against its peer cities. This keeps our community focused on a shared agenda for long-term progress.

Peer cities share common indicators, embody similar socio-economic characteristics, and provide data points that make comparison of the factors influencing the Deep Drivers of Change.

This data enables our community leaders to:

  • set actionable goals that drive improvement,
  • position our city for long-term progress,
  • and help us all build a greater Louisville.

Our Data Legacy

The GLP publishes data, research, and information related to our Deep Drivers through its Competitive City Reports. These reports help connect the dots between education, jobs, health, and quality of place.

2020: Measuring A Path Forward
2019: The Flow of Community Investment
2018: 15 Years Beyond Merger
2018: Education Pipeline
2017: Poverty Beyond Income
2015: A Focus on Poverty
2014: Peer Cites Update
2013: Building a Healthier Louisville
2013: STEM Report
2012 Competitive City Update
2011 Competitive City Report
2010 Competitive City Report
Digging Deeper: Education Attainment, Louisville Metro
Digging Deeper: Education Attainment, Louisville Metro
2009 Competitive City Report
2008 Jefferson County Education Pipeline
2008 Competitive City Update
2007 Competitive City Report
2005 Competitive City Report
2003: Beyond Merger
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Missing data comes in many forms, from data not being collected to information about different groups of people bei…

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