21st-Century Jobs

21st-Century Jobs keep families out of poverty and create higher incomes, driving Louisville’s economic prosperity. Our data call for increasing the proportion of residents engaged in technical and professional occupations and creating a more competitive community by increasing the share of workers employed in higher-value, higher-wage technical and professional jobs to 40%. Implicit in achieving this goal is providing skills and knowledge training for workers in lower-wage occupations, as well as retaining, growing, and attracting employers that provide professional and technical jobs.

21st-Century Workforce & TalentCurrent: 60% | Goal: 50%


Louisville’s economic development efforts need to focus on both jobs that keep families out of poverty and those that create higher incomes to drive economic prosperity. Using factors like high wage job attainment, unemployment, and affordable housing gives a meaningful perspective on the state of the job market and the ability for a community to provide meaningful avenues for financial independence. The main metric for 21st-century workforce and talent is median wage, adjusted for cost of living. Louisville has a target goal of being in the top 50% of its peers in median wage, adjusted for cost of living. Learn more about this metric.


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