A letter to the community

June 5, 2020

At the Greater Louisville Project, we mourn with both Breonna and David’s loved ones as well as all who have lived with centuries of oppression and abuse. We recognize the ongoing trauma faced by the Black community. We recognize the trauma created by recent events. We support the many people and organizations calling for justice.

The Greater Louisville Project has tracked data for our community since 2003. This data clearly shows persistent and underlying racial disparities in education, health, jobs, and quality of place.

As we continue to track the data, we recognize how persistent those disparities have been. What will our city’s nonprofits, government, companies, and individuals do to change these outcomes? How can the Greater Louisville Project help to catalyze the changes that need to be made? And, how can we change the narrative and consciousness of our community?

Our mission is to catalyze continuous improvement of Louisville by providing community leaders with a prioritization of needs so they can focus their efforts on the areas of greatest positive impact. Therefore, our ask of you is to communicate, educate, share information, and leverage data to ensure our leaders are looking at all the facts.

  • Engage in critical and difficult dialogue with real statistics. 
  • Research and understand the true numbers so you can wade through misleading messages online or in the media. 
  • If your organization is collecting data about needs in our community, please share this with the GLP so we can combine it with data from across our community.
  • Check in periodically to www.greaterlouisvilleproject.org to see how our community is progressing compared to our peer cities. 

The pandemic revealed the systemic and structural roots of health disparities in our nation and community. At the Greater Louisville Project, we recognize that we must pursue and achieve equity. We are committed to bringing issues of equity and inclusion to the center of our work across all the data we track as an integral part of catalyzing change. 

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