2017 Competitive City Update: Poverty Beyond Income

March 27, 2018

Louisville has made great strides in reducing child poverty over the last several years, but 1 in 5 Louisville children still live below the poverty line. As they grow up, they will face obstacles in education, health, quality of life, and other areas, making poverty difficult to escape even years down the road. Addressing the cycle of poverty in our community will require new approaches, new perspectives, and new data.

The Greater Louisville Project will share its findings on the barriers that keep families and children in poverty in the 2017 Competitive City Update on April 10th. The report,  Poverty Beyond Income, examines some of the interconnected barriers that perpetuate generational poverty in Louisville. While poverty poses a large challenge to our community, addressing the issue in a comprehensive manner would result in transformative change for Louisville. The data gathered indicate that due to the many human, social, community and, of course, financial costs of poverty, Louisville is missing out on $200 million per year of economic growth.

Join the Greater Louisville Project to learn more about how Louisville can address generational poverty, improve the lives of its children, and become a more competitive city.

Report Release Event

Tuesday, April 10th
2:00 – 3:00 P.M.
Louisville Urban League


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