Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections are experiencing a rise in the U.S. Infections can lead to long-term health issues from recurrent dysfunction, dementia, infertility, and even death. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation focuses on the incidence of chlamydia when measuring STI rates, as it is a common and easily transmitted infection that is often asymptomatic (presents no outward symptoms) and is of particular concern for women as it can lead to infertility.

Peer City Perspective

Louisville currently ranks 10th among its peer cities in the number of chlamydia incidents per 100,000. Louisville experiences 687.1 cases of chlamydia per 100,000 persons.

On this metric, Louisville is in the middle tier of its peer group according to a natural breaks algorithm. Cities in green are those that outperform their peers, cities in yellow represent the middle cluster, and those in red are a group that lags behind its peers on this indicator.