NAEP Math Scores

The National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP) administers standardized assessments to students across the United States every two years. The test assesses students’ knowledge and skills in math and reading. NAEP scores are valuable indicators of student performance compared to schools within Kentucky and across the nation. The data below pertains to students enrolled in public schools.

Trends Over Time

The average scores for students in both JCPS and other public school districts in Kentucky have remained fairly constant since 2012. JCPS scores have averaged less than 10 points below the statewide average. According to the NAEP, the average JCPS score is above the basic level but below proficiency. The math exam given to 4th graders is out of 500 points.

Differences Based on Race

White students in JCPS have seen a slight improvement from 2009- 2017 and now perform better than their KY peers. Hispanic JCPS students experienced more variability in their scores and as of 2017, match the score for Hispanic students in KY public schools. From 2013 to 2017, Hispanic students in KY were out-performing their JCPS peers. Both within JCPS and across KY, Black students continue to lag behind their peers. As of 2017, Black students in KY are performing slightly better than they JCPS peers.


Differences Based on Sex

Less than 10 points separates the highest and lowest performing groups. Since 2009, males and females attending JCPS schools have received lower NAEP math scores than their public school KY counterparts. Within JCPS, males are outperforming females. Kentucky male students consistently receive the highest scores, followed by KY females, JCPS males, and JCPS females.

Differences Based on Free or Reduced Lunch Status

Publics School students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch continue to receive higher NEAP math scores than their counterparts receiving free or reduced lunch. Currently, JCPS and KY students not on free or reduced lunch are tied with a score of 252. JCPS students qualifying for free or reduced lunch are 6 points behind their KY counterparts. The free or reduced lunch cohort only includes students who have income verification on file.