Housing Price Index

A house is the largest financial investment that most Americans will make in their lifetimes. Rising prices may keep individuals in rental properties rather than in homes that they own. Additionally, rising prices could displace residents or even lead to increased rates of homelessness.

Peer City Perspective

The housing price index, which is reported by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, measures average price changes in repeat sales or refinancing on the same properties. It serves as an accurate indicator of housing price trends in an area. Louisville currently ranks 9th among its peers with an index score of 162.

That puts it in the top tier of its peers according to a natural breaks algorithm. Cities in green are those that outperform their peers. Cities in yellow represent the middle cluster, and those in red lag behind their peers on this indicator.

Trends over Time

Housing Price Index values have been rising steadily in Louisville and its peer cities over the past decade. In recent years, Louisville’s index value has come in below that of its peer city average.

Best and Worst Peer Performers

Over the last two decades, Nashville has seen its index score rise the most — more than 120 points — making it the worst performer of the group. Greensboro’s score has risen the least — about 31 points — making it the best performer. Louisville has performed slightly better than its peers, on average.