ACT Composite Score

The ACT is a standardized college admissions exam taken by students across the country. In Kentucky, every student enrolled in public schools takes the ACT during their junior year. ACT scores are a very important component of college applications, and high ACT scores can help students qualify for scholarships. Students’ performance on the ACT is reflective of both their general academic knowledge and their preparedness for the exam.

Trends Over Time

JCPS students currently sit at the 25th percentile of Kentucky students with a mean composite ACT score of 18.2. The KY public school mean composite score is 19.1.


Differences Based on Race

Overall, racial disparities have persisted since 2012. Both within JCPS and KY public schools, Black and Hispanic students receive lower composite ACT scores than their white and Asian counterparts. These gaps are not narrowing. A gap over over 5 points currently exists between Asian, the top performing group, and Black students, the bottom performing group.

Differences Based on Sex

There is almost a 1 point composite ACT score gap between females in JCPS (18.5) and females in KY public schools (19.4). Both males and females in JCPS continue to lag behind their state counterparts. Females in JCPS and in KY public schools receive higher composite ACT scores than their male counterparts.


Differences Based on Free or Reduced Lunch Status

Within JCPS and across KY public schools, students who do not receive free or reduced lunch receive much higher ACT scores. While the gap between JCPS and KY students not receiving free or reduced lunch is minimal, JCPS students on free and reduced lunch continue to fall behind their state counterparts.

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