A Focus on Poverty – 2015 Competitive City Update

November 21, 2016

The experience of poverty can decimate hopes, dreams, and possibilities. Systemic barriers created by poverty—such as lack of income, health, employment, education and a feeling of wellbeing—can inhibit a person from considering the possibility that they too can participate in our city’s progress.

Poverty, particularly concentrated poverty, has a substantial impact on our city’s overall competitiveness.  Currently, Louisville ranks 15 out of our 17 peer cities in terms of concentrations of poverty.  That concentration of poverty itself adds an additional layer of complications to our community’s efforts to be a place where all people have the opportunity to thrive.

Join on Tuesday, November 29, 2-3:30pm at the Louisville Urban League for a community conversation about the barriers created by multi-dimensional poverty and ways we can work across sectors to improve individual lives and our city.